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ya thats right I'm a NEWBIE...what of it?

01. name ::John Kainulainen Daniel Lynch

02. age ::16
03. location ::Leominster, MA
04. do you think you are attractive? ::yes
05. what is the nicest thing you've done for someone? ::whem my friend commited suicide this past year, instead of taking time to greive myself, i spent the 2 weeks afterwards tending to all my othe friends never taking time for me.
06. what is the meanest thing you've done to someone. ::out some one down so much they cried in public
07. did you feel bad afterwards? ::no that kid deserved it
08. what is your favorite word? ::SPOON
09. what is the biggest/best compliment you have received? ::"John You are a fucking genius when it comes to photography!" -Kaity Marx
10. what is your favorite song? :: Winterborn (this Sacrifice) by The Cruxshadows
11. how would you describe yourself? ::cute and cuddly, very intelligent and artsy. talented and nice.
12. describe your style. :: cyber, goth, and gay
13. what do you think is the one thing that is the best about your personality? ::i am myself 100% of the time and i do not care what others all. i life my life the way i want to with no regrets
14. pick a lyric that describes you. ::

"Love’s the Funeral Of Hearts
and an ode for cruelty,
When angels cry blood
on flowers of evil in bloom,
The Funeral Of Hearts
and a plea for mercy,
whenLove is a gun
separating me from you."
-taken from Funeral of Hearts by HIM

My Friend Karina and I

My friend Vanessa and I

Another of Vanessa and I

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