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01. name - Simone
02. age - 14 (sorry)
03. location - Fl
04. do you think you are attractive? - people have to me i was, i guess i should believe them
05. what is the nicest thing you've done for someone? - hmmm... i guess just giving advice and helping out my friends is something nice i try and do often
06. what is the meanest thing you've done to someone - hit someone? 07. did you feel bad afterwards? no, it was my nephew, ad he farted on me!
08. what is your favorite word? - magical
09. what is the biggest/best compliment you have received? - that im "individual"
10. what is your favorite song? - death of a nation - anti flag
11. how would you describe yourself? - short and sarcastic
12. describe your style - inexpensive
13. what do you think is the one thing that is the best about your personality? - i can be sarcastic or, if i need to be, serious
14. pick a lyric that describes you - shes lump, shes in my head....

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