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<b>01. name ::</b> Katy Camfield
<b>02. age ::</b> 17
<b>03. location ::</b> Southampton, England
<b>04. do you think you are attractive? ::</b> Yeah kinda :)
<b>05. what is the nicest thing you've done for someone? ::</b> Got them a phonecall from a famous person!
<b>06. what is the meanest thing you've done to someone. ::</b> Hmmm dunno...
<b>07. did you feel bad afterwards? ::</b> Probably
<b>08. what is your favorite word? ::</b> Boo, i say it all the time, i call my boyfriend it!
<b>09. what is the biggest/best compliment you have received? ::</b> I was at a gig and someone thought i was the singers girlfriend!
<b>10. what is your favorite song? ::</b> Full Revolver- Undesided
<b>11. how would you describe yourself? ::</b> Bubbly, confident and random
<b>12. describe your style. ::</b> I wear what i like, im original
<b>13. what do you think is the one thing that is the best about your personality? ::</b> Im nice to everyone :)
<b>14. pick a lyric that describes you. ::</b> She looked incredible..just turned 17...

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